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Didn’t love school as a kid? To be honest, me neither. But the reality is that we need an education on how to log off since our always-on hustle culture has only taught us how to never be out of reach. 

All of my products have gone through years of rigorous testing. It’s the same playbook I use in my full-time job to work 38 hours a week and still get promoted.

Helping these marketers redefine their relationship with work

Personally and professionally, I have experienced burnout for the last few years. Grant’s approach to redefine success and downsize my relationship with work was a breath of fresh air and gave me a new framework to approach life and what matters most to me. I feel like I am on a path of transformation and reaching happiness within my control for the first time in a long time because of Grant’s products.

Melody Peng

Sr. Marketing Manager, Avalara

Grant’s approach was a welcome addition to my life – all of the content is extremely digestible and actionable, making the tips more realistic and less daunting to start implementing in my daily life. What makes it stand out is that the advice is coming from someone with a full-time job, who truly understands the relatable challenges of maintaining work-life balance.

Megan Wells

Product Marketing Manager, Qualtrics

Redefine your relationship with work in 10 minutes a week

Join hundreds of marketers from Microsoft, Zillow, Google, and more who are learning how to have a new relationship to work without sacrificing their next promotion.

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